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    What information do I need to provide if I'm a songwriter?


    You will need to provide:

    • Your full legal name as was provided to your affiliated performing rights organization.
    • Your performing rights organization affiliation
    • Your percentage of ownership in the copyright (writer's share)
    • Your co-writers and their performing rights organization affiliations
    • Your co-writers percentage of ownership in the copyright (writer's share)
    • Any publishing details including publisher, publishing entity name, affiliation and percentage of ownership in the copyright (publisher's share)

    Songtradr also recommends providing us with your IPI/CAE number (international identification number for you as a writer, issued to you by your P.R.O. upon sign-up) so that we can associate this number with your works.

    Songtradr recommends that all writers affiliate with a P.R.O. so that they can collect performance royalties.

    Please note: you do not need to have a publisher or a P.R.O. to be a Songtradr user.

    Please note: never link another copyright identity to your email address unless it is your publishing company or label.

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