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    If I license a song through Songtradr will I still receive royalties?


    Yes. If you license a song through Songtradr, you will receive 100% of your royalties. You will also receive a license fee less commission as determined by the account type for which you are signed up.

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    Mechanical royalties are generated when there is a reproduction of your music in interactive streaming, for downloads, or physical reproduction, such as a CD or vinyl album. 


    Public performance royalties are generated when your music is publicly performed via radio, television, in live music venues, and other circumstances. 


    As a songwriter, you should be a member of a Performing Rights Organization (such as ASCAP, BMI, or SEASAC) in order to collect public performance royalties. You will also need to register your songs with your Performing Rights Organization


    As a recording artist, you need to be a member of Soundexchange (or the equivalent organization in your country) to make sure you are collecting all of your digital performance royalties. You will need to register your recordings with them as well.


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