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    Are Songtradr licenses and services exclusive?


    Your music and any licenses through Songtradr are non-exclusive, meaning you can still take advantage of other opportunities!


    There are rare instances of exclusive licensing via Songtradr. If a buyer wants exclusivity for a certain type of use or territory, a Songtradr representative will work with the rights holders to negotiate an appropriate price for an exclusive license, which will most likely be higher than the price for a non-exclusive license.


    There are a few services which do not allow multiple companies to deliver on your behalf, so it's best to confirm if these are already provided by another company before opting in.



    • Distribution
    • YouTube Content ID Rights Administration 
    • US Mechanical Royalty Collection


    So, unless specifically stated otherwise in the Terms & Conditions of the service, or previous agreements made by the rights holders, all licenses on Songtradr are non-exclusive. This means that songs can be licensed multiple times for multiple uses by different buyers.


    Click Legals at the bottom of our website for more details regarding our service agreements and terms of use.

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