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    Songtradr offers an intelligent, comprehensive pricing system which automatically sets pricing of songs to align with industry standards - SONGTRADR PRICING (Recommended). For those who wish to customize and set their own pricing, there is the option to switch to USER CONTROLLED PRICING.

    All pricing settings you select on the License Pricing page will be automatically reflected in the song's Public View, providing buyers with clear usage and pricing offered.


    Public View sample:



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    SONGTRADR PRICING (Recommended):

    • Log in to your account
    • Click My Songs on your dashboard or from the drop-down menu on your profile icon



    • Click anywhere in the white space around the waveform to enter Edit mode



    • Click License Pricing on the left toolbar
    • Your song will be automatically set to Songtradr Pricing (Recommended)

    Note: (BLUE = Active, GREY = Not Active)



    • Click public view to see how your song will look to other users. Click EDIT to go back to the Song Edit Center or click +PLAYLIST to add to a playlist



    • If you choose not to offer Micro Licensing Pricing, switch the toggle to GREY



    • The Micro Licensing Pricing rate cards will automatically grey-out and are unclickable. Your song will now look like this.


     Note: This pricing is based on our extensive market research. Our licensing team is always negotiating for the optimum price. 




    For those who wish to set their own pricing, Songtradr offers User Controlled Pricing which can be activated by selecting Control rather than Professional

    Note: (BLUE = Active, GREY = Not Active)



    • Move the pricing fader to change the prices for all use types



    • To turn specific use types to Offer Only, switch on Disable pricing by use type (BLUE = ACTIVE)
    • You then have the option to select specific use types, changing them to Offer Only

    Note: Offering busy buyers a set price rather than the more lengthy Offer Only process, may increase your chances of a sale.



    • When you're done, click Save License Pricing


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