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    Songtradr Credits


    Songtradr credits are used for song submissions to our Music Wanted listings. All Songtradr users receive free credits. You can gain additional credits by upgrading from a Starter account to Songtradr Pro.*


    The number of credits needed to submit music differs for each Music Wanted listing e.g. if the Music Wanted listing is worth 2 credits and you would like to submit 5 songs, you will need 10 credits to submit all 5 songs.  


    More about Songtradr Pro >

    How to upgrade to Songtradr Pro >


    • Music Wanted is on the right-hand side of your dashboard




    • Depending on the type of opportunity in the Music Wanted listings, submitting may require credits per song submitted




    • Your current Credits Balance is shown in the upper right corner of your Dashboard




    • Click on any listing to see details and submit. Credits required as well as current credits available can be easily seen here as well. Each time you submit to a listing, your credits balance will change to reflect the number of credits used.







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