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    How do I view my past Deals?


    ** As of February 8th, 2018 the Deals Board is now the Monetization Portal. You can still view legacy Deals by clicking Transactions & Licenses on your left navigation menu, then clicking the Deals tab **


    The Deals Board is a list of unique opportunities for Songtradr users to increase revenue streams and reach new avenues of music discovery. The Deals Board will primarily consist of Blanket License opportunities, however, may include other opportunities that gain you exposure, get you signed and discovered.

    Deals will be available to Songtradr users on an Opt-in basis, meaning users can choose to enter into the deal by submitting their material. By Opting-in, users are agreeing to the Deal Terms and grant permission for the usage of their music.

    While all Songtradr users can submit to opportunities on both our Deals Board and Music Wanted, only Songtradr Pro users have unlimited access to both.


    Learn more about Songtradr Pro >

    Learn more about Blanket Licenses >








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