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    Create and Share Playlists


    Songtradr's fast and efficient Playlist system helps you communicate your ideas and meet deadlines by creating playlists which you can easily share with other users or prospective buyers. Don't forget your playlists are a great way to promote you and your music by sharing them on social media.


    Here's how:

    • Log in to your account
    • Click on My Playlists in the drop-down menu on your profile icon



    • Click on Create New Playlist



    • Name your Playlist



    • From the My Songs page or from a song search page, click +Playlist to the right of each song to add to your newly-created Playlist
    • Quickly add more songs by double clicking +Playlist beside each song you wish to add
    • Click the double-ended arrow on the right side of the +Playlist button to select from your different Playlists



    • Playlists are stored in the General folder by default
    • To ceate a new folder, click Add New Folder



    • Name your Folder, add a Description, Keywords, Genre and make it Public or Private
    • Click Save Folder



    • Create as many Folders as you like and fill them with your Playlists by dragging each Playlist onto the Folder. Rearrange the order of your Folder(s) by grabbing the 'hamburger' and dragging.



    • To delete a Folder, first move or delete the Playlist(s) contained then click the trash icon beside Edit Folder



    • To feature a Playlist on your Profile, click the Show In Profile switch to ON (blue) 



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