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    What are each of the usage definitions?


    Advertisement All Media - All formats for advertising including Online, Radio, and TV

    Advertisement Online - Online advertising only (e.g. YouTube Ford commercial)

    Advertisement Radio - Only for Radio advertising (e.g. Walmart radio ad)

    Advertisement TV - Only for TV advertising (e.g. Orbitz Gum TV ad)

    Cable TV - Only for Cable TV (e.g. Local TV)

    Corporate - Only for Corporate purposes (e.g. Training video, event, or office use)

    Crowdfunding Campaign - Only for crowdfunding campaign usage (e.g. Kickstarter)

    Film - Only for film usage (e.g. Marvel: The Avengers)

    Film Festival - Only for use at a specific film festival (e.g. Cannes Film Festival)

    Film Independent - Only for use on an independently distributed film (e.g. Beast of the Southern Wild)

    Film Trailer - Only for use on a film trailer (e.g. Next Deadpool trailer)

    Network TV - Only for use on network TV (e.g. Archer)

    Network TV Theme - Only for use as a theme for network TV (e.g. The theme for House)

    Online Video excl. Advertisement - Only for use on an online video (e.g. YouTube video)

    Personal Use/Website - Only for use on a personal website or other personal use (e.g. Home video or personal website)

    Podcast - Only for use on a podcast (e.g. Music clips in a podcast)

    Professional Website - Only for use on a professional website (e.g. Website for a product)

    TV Promo - Only for TV Promo (e.g. TV show trailer)

    Video Game - Only for a video game (e.g. Mario Brothers)

    Wedding Video - Only for use in a wedding video (e.g. Background music in a wedding video)

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