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    What is a 'Copyright', 'Writer' and/or 'Control' for song activation?


    Unlike Master Ownership which refers to the actual recording of a song, Copyright Ownership (also known as "Publishing") refers to the composition of a song i.e. music and lyrics.


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    There are two primary elements which make up Copyright Ownership:


    • Writer - if you have created the music and/or lyrics of a song, you are the writer, with your share defined by a percentage.
    • Control - refers to whoever has control of the copyright for any particular territory. If you are self-published, you Control 100%. If you are published, you have assigned Control to your publisher.
    • Note: This should not be confused with Performance Rights Organization "PRO" registration and royalty collection.


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    Here are a few examples of different configurations of Copyright Ownership:


    Example 1

    Sue Anders has written the music and lyrics of a song and is self-published.


    • Anders, Sue - 100% Writer 
    • Anders, Sue - Controls the song


    Example 2

    Shelley Hansen has written the music and lyrics of a song and is signed to U.S. publisher, Mayberry Music.


    • Hansen, Shelley - 100% Writer 
    • Mayberry Music - Controls the song


    Example 3

    Shelley Hansen and Frank Carter are equal co-writers of a song. Shelley is signed to U.S. publisher, Mayberry Music. Frank is self-published.


    • Hansen, Shelley - 50% Writer
    • Carter, Frank - 50% Writer 
    • Mayberry Music - Controls Shelley's 50% 
    • Carter, Frank - Controls his 50%


    Example 4

    Jan Isa and Wally Stamos are co-writers of a song and have agreed on 30% share for Jan, 70% share for Wally. Jan is self-published. Wally is signed to U.S. publisher, Mayberry Music. Mayberry Music has a deal with UK publisher, Silver Music Publishing to represent Mayberry Music's catalog which includes Wally's song for the UK territory.


    • Isa, Jan - 30% Writer
    • Stamos, Wally - 70% Writer 
    • Isa, Jan - Controls her 30%
    • Mayberry Music - Controls Wally's 70% for the World excluding the U.K.
    • Silver Music Publishing - Controls Wally's 70% for Mayberry Music for the U.K. only


    Important notes:

    • Songtradr only pays those users who are listed as Control parties
    • Percentages must add up to 100%


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