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    What is a 'Composition'?


    What is a Composition?

    • The notes, lyrics, structure, etc. as they would appear on paper


    What are Publishing Rights?

    • Rights to ownership of the Composition, also referred to as Copyright Ownership


    Who owns the Publishing Rights?

    • Generally the songwriter(s) if they are self-published, otherwise, their music publisher(s) if they are signed to a publisher


    What is a Synchronization (Sync) License?

    • Gives the license holder the right to reproduce a Composition in synchronization with images in an audiovisual project (i.e. film, TV show, commercial, etc.)


    Why are Publishing Rights and Sync Licenses important to you?

    • In order to use a song in an audiovisual project which will be made public and not for private use, you must have a sync license
    • There can be multiple owners of a piece of music, including Copyright and Master owners. If so, each owner has to approve the use. The agreement covers the scope of how the music will be used, including the right to play or perform the music publicly

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    How can Songtradr help?

    • Connects all songwriters/publishing rights owners so buyers don’t have to research and reach out to each one individually
    • All owners receive alerts for transactions and have control over usage approvals
    • Proper payments are distributed among the owners
    • Transparency with all transactions
    • Simple, streamlined systems enabling efficient licensing
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