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    Using Songtradr's Intuitive Search Filters


    Finding the right music is simple with Songtradr's quick and intuitive search function. Need a specific mood, word or tempo? No problem. Enter keywords, artists, writer, lyrics, Master or Copyright owners, anything! It's that easy.



    • Log in to your account
    • Click Search on the tool bar



    • You can browse our curated playlists




    • Use our Intuitive Search, where you can input a broad search parameter such as, love or get more specific by inputting multiple terms such as love, car, sunday.



    The number of songs which match your search will appear below the Intuitive Search dropdown.

    Select how many songs you wish to appear on each page.

    Choose from the Intuitive Search dropdown to search by:

    • Title
    • Artist
    • Writer
    • Lyrics
    • Copyright Owner.

    Further narrow down your results with our Filters which can be found on the left toolbar.

    • Any Genre
    • Vocal/Instrumental
    • Any Tempo
    • Style Similar To

    Click Keywords from below the dropdowns on the left toolbar for an even more highly-defined search.


    Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact us on support@songtradr.com


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