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    Buyer Dashboard


    Finding the right music is simple with Songtradr's new robust Buyer Dashboard. Find curated playlists by Industry, Genre or Theme or search by genre, keyword, mood, tempo, and style similar to!


    • Login to your account

    Note: Make sure you are switched on to Buyer View at the bottom left corner of the page.



    • Browse curated playlists by Industry, Genres, and Themes or Discover staff favorites!




    • Click Music Search where you can search by genre, vocal, keyword, moods and more!



    Choose from the Intuitive Search dropdown to search by:

    • Title
    • Artist
    • Writer
    • Lyrics
    • Copyright Owner.

    Further narrow down your results with our Filters which can be found on the left toolbar.

    • Any Genre
    • Vocal/Instrumental
    • Any Tempo
    • Style Similar To

    Click Keywords from below the dropdowns on the left toolbar for an even more highly-defined search.

    Simply click on the song you like to license it! 


    Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact us on support@songtradr.com


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