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    What's the best way to make my music discoverable?


    To give your music the best chance of being found by prospective buyers, we recommend adding genre, lyrics, keywords and mood. Metadata is king on the Songtradr site, so be sure your songs have as many applicable tags as possible and take care to avoid duplication. (Scroll down to see how to and example)

    Genres: we provide you with the ability to tag three genres/sub-genres for each song. Many songs blur the lines between genres so we provide multiple genre tags for this purpose.

    Lyrics: including lyrics for your songs allows every word to be indexed into our search, increasing the likelihood that it will show up in search results. Many creative briefs we receive include references to specific lyrical content. By including lyrics, you help us provide the most applicable content to the producers and creatives who are looking for music to license.

    Keywords: any descriptive term that does not describe an emotion. Keywords can cover instrumentation, the type of productions the song would be suited for or any other word or phrase that will help identify your song.

    Moods: any descriptive term that describes the emotion of the song or the emotions the music is meant to support when synced to picture.

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