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    Songtradr Micro-Licensing


    Songtradr's micro-licensing pricing is designed to help our creators benefit from the many rapidly growing, small uses. In addition to licensing music to TV, Film, Advertising, and other forms of premium media, Songtradr also licenses music for micro-uses such as Youtube videos, websites, schools and universities, podcasts and social network use etc.



    Non-Profit/Personal Single Use License - $9

    The Non-Profit/Personal Use license type authorizes any non-profit entity such as a school, university, church or charity to use the music in various digital and social media applications.

    Additionally, this license type allows the music to be used for non-business related personal use, such as videos of life events (weddings, celebrations etc.), non-monetized videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media networks.


    Business Use License - $49

    A Business Use License authorizes a business to use the music in various online and internal media applications, excluding advertisements. This license also permits use in a slideshow, corporate video, website and monetized video on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media networks.



    Subscription Pricing

    •  Non-Profit/Personal Use Subscriptions starting at
      • $49 a month for 10 licenses
      • $99 a month for 25 licenses
    •  Business Use Subscriptions starting at
      • $99 a month for 3 licenses
      • $199 a month for 10 licenses
      • $399 a month for 25 licenses




    Note: Songtradr Micro-Licensing is designed to facilitate low value, high volume, limited rights use and does not include All Media Advertising, Major Film, Network TV Show type licensing. Micro-Licensing improves your ability to obtain more licenses and make more money. As always, you are in control of your pricing on Songtradr and can choose to opt-out of participating in our new micro-licensing and subscription products.


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