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    How Can My Music Be Licensed on Songtradr?


    There are 3 types of licenses on Songtradr. Non-Profit/Personal Use, Business Use, and Premium Use.


    Non-Profit/Personal Use (Micro-Licensing)

    Non-Profit authorizes a non-profit entity such as a school, university, church or charity to use the music in various digital and social media applications.

    Personal Use License permits non-business related personal use, such as video of life events (weddings, celebrations etc.), non-monetized video on YouTube, Facebook and other social media networks.


    Business Use

    A Business Use License authorizes a business to use the music in various online and internal media applications, excluding advertisements. This license also permits use in a slideshow, corporate video, website and monetized video on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media networks.


    Premium Use

    A Premium Use License is for licensing across all media applications, including network TV, cable TV, TV promo, film, film trailers, online & radio advertising, multi-channel advertising, video games, apps, and AR/VR products.



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