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    Replace Audio Files


    *NOTE*: Please don't replace audio files for songs that you have previously distributed via Songtradr.


    To replace any existing audio file you must first upload your new audio file as an Additional File before you can replace it.


    Here's how:

    First, you need to UPLOAD the new audio file. 

    • Login to your account
    • Click Upload Music on the left navigation bar



    • Click Upload Additional Audio Files 
    • Click SELECT FILES TO UPLOAD to select a file from your computer or drag and drop into the upload window. (Be sure to upload only full quality files such as AIFF or WAV)



    Your song will appear below the upload window.

    • Click the Connect to Song dropdown and select the song you wish to replace
    • Click Connect
    • Your new audio file is now uploaded and connected to the original file



    Now that your new audio file is uploaded and connected, it's time to REPLACE the original file.

    •  Click View Song or My Songs on your dashboard or from the dropdown menu under your profile icon



    • Click on the song you wish to edit



    • Click the Audio Files tab on the left toolbar

    You will now see that your new audio file is connected to your track



    • Click the File Type dropdown menu to rename your new audio file as the Full Mix and change the File Type name of your replaced audio file as an Alternate Mix or delete
    • Select new audio file to Primary (BLUE)
    • Enter a description if you wish e.g. New Mix
    • Click Save Audio Files when you are done








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