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    Songtradr offers an intelligent, comprehensive pricing system which automatically sets pricing to align with industry standards as well as how your music will be used by the buyer. This system is called Default Pricing.

    Default Pricing is the recommended setting for your catalog to allow for easier, faster licensing. If you would like to use this default setting, you do not need to take any action.

    If you wish to actively control pricing of your music, you can customize based on the type of project, geographic territory and more.



    Use this method if you would like uniform pricing across every song in your catalog.



    • Login to your account
    • Click My Songs on the left navigation menu



    • Choose Default Pricing



    A list of project types will appear.

    Each project type will be checked by default, allowing your music to be opted in for Automated Licensing.


    • You will also see that each project type pricing range is set to Mid. You can select Low, Mid or High.



    • If you would like to opt-out of Default Pricing for any project type, uncheck the box which should then appear grayed out.



    IMPORTANT TO NOTE: by opting-out of Default Pricing, you are removing the ability for any potential buyers to complete a license in one seamless transaction. They can still enter their project details but will need to wait for a custom quote.



    As you customize your Pricing Control Settings, the Pricing Preview window to the right will calculate and show license pricing as a buyer would see it. Changing parameters such as project type changes the subsequent fields which need to be filled in. This, in turn, affects the final calculation.




    Near the bottom of the Pricing Control Settings page, you can further customize your preferences.


    Red checkboxes

    Allow Songtradr to negotiate any non-exclusive licenses for me

    • If the box is CHECKED, you allow Songtradr to immediately negotiate license pricing on your behalf for any non-exclusive custom quote inquiries
    • If the box is UNCHECKED, Songtradr will need to contact you for pricing in order to negotiate with a potential buyer

    Allow Songtradr to include my music in any non-exclusive Monetization deal

    • If the box is CHECKED, you allow Songtradr to include your music in a non-exclusive Monetization deal, even if you did not choose a pool on the Monetization page
    • If the box is UNCHECKED, you opt-out and Songtradr will not include your music in any Monetization deals



    Magenta checkbox

    Disable Automated Pricing by Territory

    • Click World. The Define Territory window will appear 



    • To disable individual territories, uncheck the box beside it. This will automatically disable Automated Pricing for the World
    • Click Save Territory to activate your changes

    Anything you customize on the Pricing Control Settings page will be automatically reflected in the song's Public View, providing buyers with clear usage and pricing offered.





    Use this method if you would like to create a custom pricing setting which can be applied to any song or to your entire catalog. This can be done at any time.

    • Opt-in or out of the project types and select your additional preferences in the red and magenta checkboxes (described above) to customize your pricing for this setting
    • Click Create New Setting+



    • Enter the name of your new setting in the pop-up window
    • Click OK



    Your newly-created setting will appear in the dropdown for use at any time


    Use this method if you would like to modify pricing for a particular song in your catalog.



    • Login to your account
    • Click My Songs on the left navigation menu



    • Click the song you would like to set pricing for


    • Click Edit Song Details



    • Navigate to the Pricing tab 
    • Click View/Edit



    From here, you have three options:

    Option 1 - Using Default Pricing:

    This is the automatic setting for all songs in your catalog which means all boxes will be checked.

    • Use the Select Pricing Control Setting dropdown and choose Default Pricing
    • Click Save


      Option 2 - Select a previously saved setting:

    • Use the Select Pricing Control Setting dropdown to choose from previously created settings
    • Click Save


    Option 3 - Create Custom Pricing:

    • Click Custom Pricing
    • Select or deselect the relevant project type(s)
    • Select Low, Mid or High for any project type
    • Customize additional preferences with the red and magenta checkboxes
    • Click Save



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