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    Getting Started (Individual)


    Here's our guide to getting started and a timeline to ensure the smoothest Songtradr experience!

    Follow these steps:

    Once you are signed up, it's time to fill out your Account Settings.

    • Click Account on your Dashboard at the bottom of the page



    Here you can select your Image, fill in your About Me section, select your Default Dashboard setting, complete your Contact information, and add or change Email Addresses.



    Now onto the very important Copyright Identity section!

    To add your Copyright Identity which identifies you as the Writer, click the Edit button (pen & paper icon) beside the Default Identity field.

    A pop-up window will appear where you can enter your First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Country, Display Name, IPI/CAE number, P.R.O. and your Email Address


    For those who are self-published:

    • Set up your Copyright Identity as you as the Writer. This will then always be your Default Identity and is the only information you need to enter. You should only have one Copyright Identity.

    For those who own their own publishing company:

    • Set up your Default Identity as the Writer
    • Set up a second Copyright Identity by clicking + and entering your publishing company name in the Company Name field. You should then have only two Copyright Identities.

    For those who have a separate publishing company:

    • Set up your Copyright Identity as you as the Writer. You should only have one Copyright Identity.

    *Your publisher will then need to set up their own separate Songtradr account. You will then connect them to your songs under Copyright Settings.


    Very Important Notes to fill out your Copyright Identity correctly:

    • Do not put any identities that aren't yourself or your own publishing company in this section!
    • Do not put any co-writers in this section! (they need their own Songtradr accounts)
    • Do not attach another party to your email address or use your email for other parties


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