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    Copyright Settings: Incomplete Data and Quick Fixes


    Here are the most common errors when entering information for Copyright Settings of a song, accompanied by their Quick Fixes.

    Read more about adding Copyright Owners >


    Example 1

    The Incomplete Data section shows:

    A Master Owner is missing or has an incorrect Territory!


    cross.png This way is INCORRECT because the Master Owners have listed themselves as their own Label/Administrators. (see screenshot)



    tick.png This way is CORRECT because the Label/Administrator drop-downs show None Selected



    This song is now Pending Approval from the co-owner.


    Example 2

    The Incomplete Data section shows:

    No writer or other Publisher is linked to Humungous Records


    cross.png This way is INCORRECT because a Publisher has been added to the Publisher(s) section, but has not been linked back to the corresponding Writer in the Writer section. Control has also been left ON (blue). 



    tick.png This way is CORRECT because the Writer has connected the Publisher back to himself and has turned his Control OFF (gray).











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