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    How do I checkout once I've found a song?


    The Checkout Process:


    • Click on the song you would like to license







    • Click the correct License Use and then Add To Cart

    Example of Business Use License below




    • Click View Cart in the pop-up window




    • You will then be taken to your cart where you can view all license information. Click Pay Now.




    Select your method of payment

    • Credit/Debit Card
    • PayPal
    • Songtradr balance

    Click Pay Now




    Note: If the owner of the song selected has opted out of Songtradr Recommended Pricing, Personal Use Licensing and Business Use Licensing will remain unchanged. The Premium Use Licensing price however, will depend on where the pricing fader is set.

    In the event the owner of the song has selected Disable pricing by use type, the pricing will show as Offer Only, in which case you will need to contact licensing@songtradr.com to license the song.




    Read more information on Pricing


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