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    How long will I be in Final Selection?


    When you submit a track on a Wanted Listing for a placement opportunity, it goes into a queue to be reviewed by one of our music specialists. The process from submission to completion can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the type of opportunity.

    Typically, your track will progress fairly quickly through the first stages while it is being Reviewed, Shortlisted, and hopefully chosen for Final Selection. If your track is chosen for Final Selection, this means it has been forwarded to the client e.g. director, producer or music supervisor for their review and subsequent acceptance or decline. All those in the Final Selection group are notified when the client forwards their final decision to us, regardless of whether the track has been successful or otherwise.

    As far as the Deals Board goes, the review process is different and generally lengthier due to the longer submission window and much greater volume of tracks required to be reviewed. It can take up to 3 months depending on the client's needs, their review time and delivery protocols required. Regardless, if you have submitted for a Deal, you will be notified of the eventual outcome of your submission.

    You can check the status of your submissions by clicking View Progress at the top of the Music Wanted and Deals Boards.



    If the progress bar is GREEN that means the review process is still in progress and will only move forward to Success if your track has been selected.

    If the progress bar is RED, your song has not been chosen this time around.




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      Randy Snowman

      Please advise what the "success" stage is per this information:

      IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: This Deal is a continuation of K-Digital Asia Sync posted in July 2017. Please do not re-submit tracks that reached the SUCCESS stage in K-DIGITAL ASIA SYNC (JULY 2017).

      Reason I'm asking is that "success" is not one of the bullets of progress on our previous submissions although your pictures above show that it is a stage.

      Edited by Randy Snowman
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      Steve Barnes

      What if the Final selection is green still, but the listing has moved to completed catagory? I have 2 songs in final review, which is an amazing feeling!! But the ad has been moved to completed, but the "final selection" for my track is still green. Thanks for any input!!

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      Songtradr Support

      Please disregard the Completed and Pending Section

      This is a display error. The reason they are in the Completed section is because one or more of your submissions have been declined.If you still have a submission with a green bar that means your submission is still pending.We apologize for the confusion

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      Steve Barnes