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    Transactions & Licenses - Deals & Payment Terms

    The Songtradr Deals board contains opportunities that Songtradr has negotiated to benefit as many Songtradr music creators as possible. Deals vary from opportunities that promote creators and their music to blanket licensing deals that earn income over time. 
    Typically a blanket license will involve a number of tracks, let's say 1000, and our licensee partner will pay Songtradr each quarter of a fiscal year, as the music is used, attracting royalties and other income.
    It's important to note that blanket licenses can take some time for income to start flowing because any licensee partner must deploy the music before it can begin earning revenue. Most blanket licenses will not start earning any revenue for at least 6 months, however, they can continue for many years delivering quarterly revenue once initiated.
    An example of timing may look like this:
    May 2017: Deal promoted on Songtradr Deals Board
    June 2017: Deal closes
    July 2017: Music delivered to Licensee partner 
    August - September 2017: Licensee partner packages/deploys/distributes/delivers music 
    October 2017 - Music starts being consumed/streamed/sold/downloaded/used
    February 2018 - Licensee partner pays Songtradr for last quarter revenue (Oct-Dec)
    February - March 2018 - Songtradr accounts to Songtradr music creators
    Another important point to remember is that Deals are negotiated based on actual usage only.
    For example, a TV Network wants a selection of music to use for TV shows at an agreed per use rate. In this instance, if you are successful in getting into the Deal, you will only receive income if and when your song is used by the network. In this instance, it may take a long time for the music to be used and it may not be used at all, however your song is in a great position to be heard and used by being a part of the opportunity.
    Songtradr is working hard to bring our music creators as many Deals as possible so that over time you are collecting income from multiple Deals. The more you are in, the more likely you are to earn!



    To view your Transactions & Licenses details:

    • Login to your account
    • Click Transactions & Licenses on your left navigation bar



    • Click the Financial History to view all of your past licenses and payments
    • Click Deals to view all Deal details, information, and scheduled payment dates
    • Click Credit Purchases to view all past payments on credits



    IMPORTANT: The Payment Cycle field will be Quarterly, Upon Usage, or One time.

    • Quarterly - Payment will be made every quarter once we receive the initial usage report from the client
    • Upon Usage - Payment will only be made if your song is used in the Deal
    • One time - There will only be one payment date


    IMPORTANT: The Next Payment field displays when the next scheduled payment is due.  


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