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    Why should I sign up to Songtradr?


    Songtradr provides a platform for artists, labels, publishers and libraries to connect with global licensing opportunities from film, tv, brands, ad agencies, music supervisors, and more.


    For artists seeking distribution and global licensing opportunities, Songtradr provides the tools to represent your music professionally, customize pricing, connect rights owners to your music and have all your legal documentation in place.


    For any project seeking music, Songtradr provides the tools to discover and license unique music from all over the world, fully-cleared, directly from the artist.


    Why Choose Songtradr Lite/Pro?

    • Content management system
    • Data and analytics
    • Inclusion in Songtradr's fully-automated licensing marketplace where your music can be discovered and/or licensed, non-exclusively
    • In-house music supervision and licensing teams who constantly curate and pitch for opportunities
    • Unlimited uploads and storage
    • Connect all associated data and files to your songs e.g. tags, metadata, co-owners, instrumentals, remixes, stems, lyrics and artwork so all assets are in one place
    • Unlimited playlist creation to manage, pitch and share your music
    • Playlists are automatically updated with any edits so you don't need to re-send links
    • Price and/or hide your music at your discretion
    • Customize any licensing verticals like film, TV or advertising to opt out of automatic transactions
    • Real-time notifications of any submission progress
    • Digital distribution with unlimited releases and keep 100% of streaming royalties

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