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    What is Songtradr for Music Creators?


    Songtradr's free tools and services include:

    • a content management system
    • a fully-automated licensing marketplace
    • an e-commerce platform
    • a highly experienced sales and music supervision team

    Also included for Free:

    • Unlimited uploads - store your entire catalog
    • Unlimited nesting of instrumental tracks, remixes, stems so all your song assets are in one place
    • Unlimited playlist creation and playlist file management system to manage all your own pitches
    • Visibility in the Songtradr Marketplace where your music can be automatically discovered and/or licensed
    • Ability to price and/or hide your music at your own discretion
    • Ability to 'turn off' licensing verticals from automatic transactions (e.g. Advertising, Film, TV)
    • In-house music supervision and licensing team which constantly curate and pitch
    • 20 monthly credits to be used for active pitching to our Music Wanted and Deals Board (That's approx. 10-20 submissions of your music per month!)
    • Real-time notifications of any submission progress

    • Public Profile Page with unique URL, follow and tip functions, and many ways to feature your art and keep followers up to date

    Why a Songtradr Pro

    Many users have told us they love our free services but are looking for more ways to maximize their music careers. This is where becoming a Pro comes in.

    The advantage of joining Songtradr Pro:

    • Unlimited Uploads
    • Digital Distribution
    • Unlimited Monetization
    • Mobile Notifications
    • 20% Licensing Fees
    • 100% of Profile Income
    • 250 Credits
    • Songtradr PRO Classification 


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