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    Why Should I Pay For Additional Credits?


    Before we discuss credits, it's important to note that Songtradr provides a plethora of tools and services which are 100% free for all users. In fact, we offer so much more in free services than any competitor in the content management space, plus we are the only platform where your music can be discovered and licensed without having to give up your rights and/or part of your royalty income. Our goal is to provide creators with all the tools they need to manage and monetize their music from one place.

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    Before we introduced the Credits system, each submission opportunity under the Music Wanted system had a particular limit to the number of submissions allowed. Theoretically, this would encourage users to submit their best and most relevant songs for each particular opportunity and help ensure our music curation team were selecting from quality recordings which matched the requirements of the opportunity. However, this was often not the case, and our team could spend many hours sifting through submissions that were not right.

    The Credits system promotes a more strategic and professional culture, where creators are considering more carefully, which opportunities they choose to submit to, if at all.

    This in turn, provides our team with more accurate and better quality submissions. This also allows for more time spent on each submission to give it the attention and value it deserves, and to provide real-time progress updates for our users.

    The Credits system, provides users the ability to submit to more opportunities at their discretion. Every free user gets 20 credits per month which provide anywhere from 8 to 20 free submissions per month. Users have the option to buy additional credits or upgrade to Songtradr Pro where they get 250 credits per month.


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    * Songtradr provides free monthly credits to all users to allocate towards song submissions on our Music Wanted listings or Deals Board (20 for free accounts = 3-5 submissions per month, 250 for Pro users = 70 - 100 submissions per month).

    Once a user runs out of credits, they can either purchase more or upgrade to become a Pro Subscriber if not one already, at which time, 250 credits will instantly be allocated to their Songtradr account.




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