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    Why Should I Pay For Additional Credits?


    Songtradr provides many tools and services which are 100% free for all users. In fact, we offer much more in free services than others in the content management space. We are also the only platform where your music can be discovered and licensed plus you keep your rights and distribution royalties. Our goal is to provide creators with all the tools they need to manage and monetize their music from one place.

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    The credits system enables artists to strategically submit their music to any of the global Music Wanted listings they feel best fits their music.

    This provides the Songtradr team, accurate and quality submissions to better curate and pitch for daily licensing opportunities.

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    * Songtradr provides free credits to all users to allocate towards song submissions from our Music Wanted listings

    Additional credits can be purchased at any time through your account or receive more credits by upgrading to Songtradr Pro.




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